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Balforon "C" Gasketing Material

Balforon “C” is a proprietary material developed to handle higher pressures and temperatures than standard PTFE products. It has been used extensively in pump and valve applications. Balforon “C” material exhibits lower deformation under load and reduced cold flow, both at room and elevated temperatures.

Chart: Deformation Under Load

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Balforon “C” gasketing material is asbestos-free. Its permeability to gasses and vapors is considerably lower than standard PTFE products. This gasket material absorbs no moisture and is non-stick and non-adhesive. In addition, this material can be molded and machined into virtually any shape or configuration.

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Balforon “C” material has been used extensively in the following applications:

  • Valve Seats/Packings
  • Pump Seals
  • Piston Rings
  • Bearings
  • Flat & Ribbed Flange Gaskets

Actual test results of Balforon “C” are as follows:

Maximum Temperature   500°
Maximum Pressure   1500 PSI
Compressibility ASTM F-36-99, -Method A 15.4%
Recovery ASTM F-36-99, -Method A 60.8%
Maximum Tensile Strength ASTM F-152-99, Proc. A 2100 PSI
Elongation at Break ASTM F-152-99, Proc. A 130%
Flexibility ASTM F-147-87
After 100° C/room temperature No cracks or breaks
After -40° C No cracks or breaks
Bulk Density ASTM D-1895-89 610 g/liter
Shrinkage ASTM D-955-89 2-1/4" Billet @ 5,000 psi: 3.3%
Specific Gravity ASTM D-792-91 2.138 g/cc
Sealability ASTM F-37-B 0.07 ML/min
Creep Relaxation ASTM F-38-B 17%
Deformation Under Load ASTM D-621 4.5%